Have you ever asked yourself the question where are sphynx cats from? If you have ever asked yourself that question then I guess you know where they come from. If you don’t know, then worry not because in this article we are going to see where these peculiar cats come from.
Sphynx cats are from Toronto, Canada. They are famous and bizarre cats because they are hairless cats. The first descendant of these cats was from Canada and was born in 1966. The cause of their hairless body was because of a natural genetic mutation. This resulted to the first sphynx cat being born.
Nowadays, this cat can be found worldwide as a result of Mother Nature. The good thing about these cats is that they are immune to most cat diseases whether genetic or contracted. Not all sphynx cats are fully hairless as some of them have hair on their noses, eyes and ears. That is the mystery of sphynx cats.