All About Black Beauty Grapes

Black beauty grapes have a well sought out flavor. They are a special strain that was developed by Ison’s Nursery.

Black beauty grapes can be shipped by Double A Vineyards to any vineyard in the States excluding California, Oregon, Washington, or Idaho. These grapes are very disease resistant, so they are ideal to grow. They are a female variety, and make sure to follow the planting instructions for a proper harvest yield.

The blue black hue of these grapes make them very visually appealing, and as well, they are somewhat rare in the States compared to other more common strains.

Most people really like the taste of these grapes. Even though they might look not edible, they are good to eat, skin and all.

The resveratrol found in these grapes is a type of stilbene that is used in many lipsticks and lip treatments to enhance the appearance of the lips.